Pod 3 has arrived
The world's first modular GPS tracker

Introducing Pod 3

Pod 3 is the very first customizable GPS tracker. Our unique barrel design enables modules to be attached for additional features. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular technologies to locate and protect your valuables with safe zone alerts.

Protection for your possessions

Locate on demand the valuables that matter most to you.

Live indoor and outdoor tracking with unlimited range in 175 countries with 4 layers of tracking technologies.

Be the first to know if anyone tries to steal your things.

Protect your valuables by setting up a virtual fence that sends you a breach alert the moment they’re removed.

Get an alert if anyone tampers with or knocks into your vehicle.

Pod continuously records its static position, the moment any movement is detected the app will send out an alert.

Relive past adventures

Record and share your epic rides with continuous tracking and stats, overlay past adventures and compare.

Modular System

We’ve listened to our customers and it's clear everyone has unique needs, which has led to the developement a range of exciting add-ons.


Short-range location & Startle potential theives

Add another layer of safety with the Sound module. It produces a 90dB beep audible from over 30 meters away.

Power Dock

Permanent protection with no charging required

Attach the Pod to your most prized possessions and plug it into the power dock for continuous protection.

XL Battery

Up to 2 weeks battery & Extended use of power intensive features

Protect your valulables for extended periods of time using the XL Battery add-on with increased power capacity.

New to the app

You spoke, we listened

  • Multiple Virtual Fences

    Set up safe zones for each new destination when you're on the move with your valuables

  • Location History

    Access 24 hours of location history anytime without syncing your Pod

  • Custom Refresh Rate

    Customize the rate at which the Pod automatically checks the location of your possessions


Pod’s unique features makes it the most versatile of its kind.

Pod’s unique features makes it the most versatile of its kind.


Submersible rated IPX7

Interchangeable batteries

Up to 5 days battery life

Unique Modular System

For easy customization

Re-usable Strap

Simple & secure attachement

Impact Resistant Design

For the toughest adventures

Small & Lightweight

World’s smallest and lightest

4 layers of tracking technology

  • Next Generation GPS Chip
  • 2G / 3G Cellular Coverage
  • 2-Way Wi-Fi Communication
  • Bluetooth (BLE 4.0)

Track your valuables anytime, anywhere

Pod can locate your assets in more than 175 countries across the globe.

Cell reception is required to communicate with Pod, which now works on the 2G and 3G networks. Pod uses multiple networks in every country to offer the greatest coverage.

Type in your country name to check your coverage

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Shipping March 2017

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