Featured Pod Pets: Vol 1

We often receive stories from our users and we think you can probably relate to their experiences. Here are this month’s featured Pod Pets.


Photo courtesy of lunaraephotography.com

1. Whiskey

“Whiskey is a trooper to say the least. This cat has accompanied me on more than 7 moves! I had adopted him, along with a cat named Dixie when they were just kittens. One of my moves took me to Arkansas and so my cats followed. Unfortunately, the place I moved into was too tiny for the three of us so I introduced Whiskey & Dixie to the great outdoors and they LOVED IT! After months of exploring the outdoors and countless adventures, one evening Dixie never came home. I did everything in my power to locate her but came up empty each time. I lost my precious cat and was completely devastated. This is when Pod Trackers came into my life. I was making another move after getting married and the thought of introducing Whiskey to a new outdoor setting made me incredibly nervous. We looked for a GPS device that would work for him and Hello Pod Tracker! This device has been a blessing and provides me with a peace of mind knowing where my cat is at all times. Thank you Pod Trackers!” – Jenna, Whiskey’s Pet Parent

Photo courtesy of Ruth Nash

 2. Dexter

“Pod tracker has been invaluable. Not simply to provide the security of knowing where Dexter might be in the case of an emergency, but as a way of seeing how active both he and I have been!” – Ruth, Dexter’s Pet Parent

Photo courtesy of Alice Erlandson

3. Cha Cha & Doxie

“Here are Cha Cha and Doxie, two rescue sisters, proudly and comfortably wearing their Pod Trackers. Thank you, Pod Trackers, for the great products, the great app, and all the great customer support.” – Alice, Cha Cha & Doxie’s Pet Parent

Photo courtesy of Daniel

4. Honey

“We decided to get a Pod Tracker after Honey took off from the beach, traveled nearly 20 kilometers and attacked a pet chicken on the way. We eventually got her back, spent $201.00 to save the chicken & vowed we needed some way of quickly finding her. The Pod has been a marvel. No it doesn’t stop Honey from climbing, digging or breaking fences to escape, but now we get her back almost immediately. The best investment we ever made.” – Daniel, Honey’s Pet Parent

Photo courtesy of Adriana Rokoszewski

5. Piper

“Been with you guys since 11/2015 and my Piper doesn’t go a second a day without wearing her POD since then. Thank you!!” – Adriana, Piper’s Pet Parent

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