Pod at Petcube’s SF Rescue Block Party

Pod recently joined our good friends, Petcube, Fuzzy & the SF SPCA for a bangin’ block party in San Francisco to help support rescue animals!

Setting records & raising awareness

Petcube took a survey of their users and discovered 76% of their users had rescue dogs. That is a lot of rescue dogs and such information deserves to be celebrated! This got them thinking how great it could be to bring them all together to swap stories and share tips. It quickly escalated into an ambitious goal to bring the largest group of rescue dogs together to set a Guinness World Record! Not only did it help raise awareness, but who doesn’t love a pawty? #heaven

Woofin’ awesome crowd!

The event brought pooches and their pet parents from far and wide, including some of our favorite famous pets @manny_the_frenchie, @bringrootoo, and @swayzebear.

The 3 mutts-keteers pawrtying at @petcube's block pawrty last weekend! Had fun meeting all my furriends too! 😍😍

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For a cause

Pod Trackers, Fuzzy and Petcube partnered with the San Francisco SPCA for the event to help support the local rescue, as well as raise awareness for shelter pets all over. As a company advocating for the safety of all pets and a mission to reduce the number of missing pets worldwide, it made sense for Pod to dive right in! To help keep pets off the streets and out of shelters, make sure to keep a GPS tracker on your pet at all times.