Is a Microchip Enough?

The short answer is no, however they are most certainly necessary. They’re so highly regarded by pet safety officials they’ve been made mandatory in over 75 countries. Microchip implants are quickly and painlessly inserted under the skin of your animal and act as a permanent means of identification. Often times they can be the difference between your pet temporarily going missing and losing them for good.


The problem with a microchip is a pet must first be found and brought to a shelter or vet to have the information scanned. If your animal is injured or hiding, it’s unlikely there will be an opportunity for a shelter or vet to scan the microchip.It’s also possible for days or weeks to pass before your animal is found, leaving time for accidents to happen.

What To Do

So many pet owners can relate to the worry of this situation and a few companies have responded with another option. GPS pet trackers can be attached to your animal’s collar as a preventative measure so you don’t need to rely on a shelter or vet to be reunited with your pet. Most come with an app and small device suitable for cats and dogs so you can easily keep an eye on your pet with peace of mind. We’re pleased to be offering the Pod Trackers device which is a great product – one of the smallest on the market with some great unique features to make this technology as effective as possible.

Make sure to microchip your pet, use an ID tag on the collar and try a GPS pet tracker to reduce the chance of losing your pet.