How Well Do You Know Your Pet?

Most animals have very specific territories or areas they habitually revisit, day after day. This is one of the most surprising discoveries we are making at Pod as we study the large amount of global location data our units generate.

More importantly, we’re finding this data is giving pet owners a great sense of the places their pets are most likely to be found when they wander off. This creates a kind of operational awareness of your pet that only two years ago pet owners did not have at their fingertips!

Pet owners use the Pod to record their pet’s movements on a regular basis allowing them to develop this picture of their pet’s territory and habits or routines over time. This knowledge massively improves many facets of their pet’s safety and life, as ultimately the way most pet parents first identify a missing pet is through a break in their routine (ie. when they don’t’ come in for dinner, or don’t respond when called). Though there are many advantages of having territorial knowledge at your fingertips, we recognize the following as the most impactful:

  • Peace of mind – knowing where to look helps to reduce the panic and stress of losing a pet dramatically, enabling a more effective response/search. Cats in particular tend to have set routines and territories. Familiarizing yourself with this information gives a great starting point for a search and generally means less worry.
  • Reducing exposure– knowing where to look for your pet also aids faster recovery and reduces their exposure to harm. Having an effective immediate search area saves wasted time looking in areas your pet just simply doesn’t go.
  • Environmental change– mapping a pet’s routine on a regular basis helps owners to identify environmental factors that may cause stress to your pet or be a catalyst to them going missing (ie. new pet in the neighborhood or unfriendly new neighbor). In the most distressing cases, I’ve heard of owners’ pets being tormented and even poisoned by neighbors. Identifying this in their daily routine can be lifesaving.

After hearing so many of our customers’ stories, it is the feeling of hopelessness that stands out from the rest – when they describe the realization they had no idea where to even start looking. From my own personal experience (Pods founding story of Rango going missing) and the heartbreak felt, it is the pain of not knowing where to look, what to do or what’s happened to them that hurts the most. These experiences have helped the Pod team understand the importance of knowing a pet’s territory in the development of our product.