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The world’s smallest & lightest GPS + WiFi pet tracker

What is Pod

Pod is designed to attach to any size collar and lets you locate your pet on demand, monitor their activity and record adventures on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our new generation Pod 2 now has WiFi, which helps deliver faster positions and offers the ability to locate indoors.

Find My Pet

The “locate now” button allows you to request your pet’s current position and displays it on a map in real time, no matter if they’re outdoors or indoors.

Activity Monitor

Pod automatically records your pet’s activity level (rest, walk and run), allowing you to monitor their health and fitness.

Escape Alerts

Setting up your “Safe zone” enables you to protect your pet with a virtual fence that sends you an escape alert when they run away.

Adventure mode

Record up to 8 hours of your pet’s secret life with continuous tracking and sync with the app via bluetooth on their return.

Leading design

Pod's patented barrel design was engineered for strength, comfort and safety.

Pod's patented barrel design was engineered for strength, comfort and safety. Interchangeable batteries allow Pod to remain on the collar, providing continuous protection for your pet.


Submersible rated IPX7

Up to 5 days battery

Varies depending on usage*

Chargeable batteries

2 batteries included

Fits all collars

Suitable for all animals

Small & Lightweight

World's smallest and lightest

1 year free subscription

Following annual renewal US$49

Suitable for all animals

Developed to be ideal for all pets, Pod is incredibly small, lightweight and its custom strap enables it to be secured to any size collar or harness.

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1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime

That’s more than 10 million pets a year! Make sure your pet isn’t one of them Order Now | US$199

Track your pet anytime, anywhere

Pod uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and cellular technology to locate your pet.

Pod works in more than 175 countries globally

Communication between the Pod and the app is handled by the 2G cellular network, which is subject to coverage in your area. The unit comes with an embedded SIM card and a service plan so it works straight out of the box.

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Replacement & upgrade program

It’s important to us that your pet is always safe and, if for any reason something were to happen to your Pod, we will happily supply you with a replacement for a significant discount.

We will also occasionally release a next generation Pod with exciting new features and our program allows you to purchase an upgraded Pod at 50% of the original price.

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